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The Medical Profession Has it All Wrong...

  • It's not Pelvic Floor Muscles

    It’s important to stop thinking that the problem lies in the pelvic floor muscles directly. Doctors and Therapists have been looking at the problem all wrong. By cutting nerves and doing Botox to paralyze the pelvic floor muscles they are creating more instability and more trauma to the Pelvic area. This not only increases the pain but makes it much more difficult to correct the dysfunction.

  • A Brand New Way 

    As frightening as it may sound, Current research into the use of antibiotics to treat Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) failed to show any significant improvement, whilst similar studies into the use of alpha blockers also indicate no significant change in symptom scores of CPPS patients. Greater emphasis is now being placed on the pelvic floor musculature and its associated structures as the primary cause of Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome. 


    But I'm most likely preaching to the choir... you already know this and that's why you're here. What you may not know is that David and I have discovered a brand new way to deal with relieving your pelvic pain and help you avoid becoming just another number inside a nightmare statistic... 

  • Make Muscles Stronger

    Dynamic Contraction Technique uses muscle contractions to treat muscle tension. It uses all three different types of muscle contraction – concentric, isometric and eccentric contractions to make the muscle stronger to be able to handle the stress that is generated from chronic spasm of that muscle or muscle group. Strengthening these muscles actually helps release the tension and makes them more flexible and pain free. 


    Even if you've never exercised or followed an exercise program before, DCT for Pelvic Pain can still deliver results that can help you reduce stress and anxiety while following a non-invasive program that gets you on the road to "real" recovery – at the same time. 

  • Licensed Physical Therapist

    As a licensed Physical Therapist who has done clinical research to validate his own treatment approach and methodology, it is Nic Bartolotta's responsibility to expose any treatment that is antiquated and harmful to a patient or client. He has decided to "fight" these intrusive medical practices by getting real results and formalizing the DCT for Pelvic Pain treatment rationale in a way that fits with the latest innovations and understanding of physiology and bio mechanics.

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  • Discover how to release your pelvic floor of muscle tension, increasing blood flow to the pelvis. 

  • Arm yourself with the strength, confidence and perspective that resolution is within sight. Be inspired by how this intensive six week course of interviews, exercises and “how to” videos will help you

  • Get step by step “real” detailed instruction for resistance stretching exercises

  • Experience rapid gains in mobility and flexibility.

Your Bonuses

  • 6 Different Workouts

    Depending on your specific "Body Type", Strong & Tight, Weak & Tight or Hypermobile & Tight you will be provided both a muscle tension release workout and a facial Tension Release workout. 

  • Bonus Routines for Variables such as HF or ED

    If you have Pelvic Pain but also have Hard Flaccid or Erectile Dysfunction there are bonus routines that will help resolve those issues specifically. 

  • EXCLUSIVE DCT for Pelvic Pain Facebook Group

    Interact with over 400 people in a community dealing with the same issues you are currently facing, ask questions, get answers, watch extra lessons derived from your questions. Be part of live Q & A's and presentations

  • Facebook Live Monthly Q&A

    When you become a member of DCT for Pelvic Pain there will be many questions. Most of them will be answered in the Exclusive Facebook Group but David & Nic will be doing once a month Q & A Facebook Live calls. You will be able to directly ask David & Nic questions about your recovery

  • Free "Freedom from Pelvic Pain" Book 

    When you sign up we will rush you the near 200 page paperback book, Basically the written version of the DCT for Pelvic Pain called "Freedom from Pelvic Pain" that you can use as a reference for DCT & DCT for Pelvic Pain. 

Here is What Our Members Say...

I was so surprised when I got relief from just a few sessions. I know it will take a while but it was so encouraging. Nothing else has given me such confidence. 


Pelvic Pain Sufferer for 22 years

I know now that I will never get pelvic pain again. DCT for Pelvic Pain showed me how to treat the muscles and fascia of my whole body in order to fix my Pelvic Pain. Thanks 

Greg Clark

Pelvic Pain Sufferer 4 years

There is definitely a lot of science behind it. The idea that "all exercise is the same" for CPPS sufferers is rubbish. I was a gym rat for years and the tightness from weight training got me into problems

David Hoskins

Worked with David Directly

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Watch and listen to Greg Clark's story.

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Are you a little skeptical? 

Many people ask us if it is true, can DCT really help me? We know the answer is yes but because you may have gone through all the insane things that David went through you should be skeptical about anything that talks about Pelvic Pain Success. So we produced a webinar for you to watch and get your questions answered before you commit to giving your hard earned money over to us. Register for our pre-recorded webinar to the right. 

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