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Program Investment $395.95 

DCT for Pelvic Pain is a radical departure from mainstream treatments for pelvic pain… we are not relaxing your pelvic floor muscles at all. We are making them stronger, more resilient and actually changing the the shape of your pelvic floor to heal pain and dysfunction. 


With the exercises in this program you will be both strengthening and stretching muscles at the same time. Furthermore this approach does not focus on the pelvic floor but the Prime Movers to which the pelvic floor is merely reacting. Treatments which focus solely on the pelvic floor routinely fail.


We will present the fundamental principles of Dynamic Contraction Technique, present the exercises and recovery routines which will allow you to change your body and heal from your Pelvic Pain. If you qualify to become a participant in DCT for Pelvic Pain, you will be able to join one of the 3 the DCT for Pelvic Pain 3.5 Facebook groups (Male Pelvic Pain, Women's Pelvic Pain and Hard Flaccid/Erectile Dysfunction) where you can ask questions from the gender specific communities that are going through the same program your are. 


Nic Bartolotta the creator of the New DCT for Pelvic Pain 3.5 program is active in the group. 


I know what you may be thinking. This is too good to be true, you cannot recover from chronic pelvic pain. That is a lie that you have been told by doctors, therapists, surgeons... you name it. We're here to tell you that you don't have to manage Pelvic Pain - FULL RECOVERY is possible.


Your journey will be a transformative, one with ups and downs as you recover. Recovery is never linear and often takes extreme courage. We are asking you to do the hardest, most counter-intuitive thing you’ll ever be asked to do in your life… apply to participate in a program that asks you to perform self-administered therapeutic exercises that most likely will cause pain in order to get you out of pain. It’s not an easy decision and we don’t take it lightly... as you shouldn’t.


If you feel you do not have the warrior mindset or are not ready to commit to Full Recovery, we ask that you not apply at this time. If you are ready to conquer this beast then apply below.

Why DCT is Different?

Watch the video below to discover why DCT's Resistance

Stretching program is a radically different approach to Pelvic Pain recovery.

Program Investment $395.95 

What's in DCT for Pelvic Pain

DCT for Pelvic Pain is a scientifically designed Resistance Stretching program created by Physical Therapist, Nic Bartolotta 


Imagine that within the near future you will be fully recovered from your chronic pelvic pain symptoms. This is not some pipe dream... this is real life. You can now fully recover from pelvic pain by studying and performing resistance stretching DCT exercises and recovery protocols scientifically developed to get you pain free faster. No kidding!

  • More than 140 DCT Resistance Stretching Videos

    There is no Pelvic Pain  Program on earth that has a more extensive library of videos directly related to your pelvic pain recovery. No place! 

  • Monthly Live Webinar Q & A

    When you become a member of DCT for Pelvic Pain there will be many questions. We have set aside an hour on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 10am to answer any and all questions regarding the DCT for Pelvic Pain program. 

  • Exclusive Facbook Group

    Depending where you are in your Pelvic Area Dysfunction we have the right Facebook Group for you to ask questions, combine knowledge and share your success with others who have fully recovered. 

  • Exclusive DCT created Muscle & Fascia Antomy Graphics  

    DCT is all about giving you the tools to get your life back from Pelvic Area Dysfunction. As you journey through your Full Recovery we have detailed educational material to help you understand you you got your injury and how DCT will help you resolve your issues

  • Understand your  Tension Pattern and how it's creating your Pelvic Pain

    Follow a specific schedule depending on your tension pattern. You will follow a downloadable workout schedule that gives you exactly the exercises that will mitigate your pain. 

  • Brand New 2 Camera Instructional Videos

    Nic Bartolotta shows you from 2 different camera angles with in depth detals instruction he guides you through a "follow the leader" sequence to make sure that you can fully comprehend how to properly perform each exercise. 

  • Awesome Support

    There are many ways to get the support you need in order to Fully recover for your Pelvic Area Dysfunction, We have a fully staffed Help Desk where you can ask sensitive questions, Commenting or Questions directly below each video area, Tuesday Q & A Webinars and 10 Minute calls if you so desire. Plus we have an extensive Wiki that probably has your question already answered. 

  • 1500 Plus Members

    We now have well over 1500 members who are on various levels of their pelvic pain recovery. With many who have experienced FULL Recovery.

Program Investment $395.95 

Schedule a 10 Minute Call

Schedule your 10 minute call with Rocco Castellano to ask any and all questions you may have concerning the DCT for Pelvic Pain Program and see how you qualify to enroll. 

  • All calls are done via Zoom

    Once you sign up you will be sent an invitation for your call. 


The 2nd & 4th Thursday of every month at 10am (PST) 1pm (EST)

Join us for this FREE LIVE WEBINAR every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month at 10am, Pacific Standard Time to ask Nic Bartolotta any and all questions regarding the Best Selling DCT for Pelvic Pain Program. 

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