David McCoid

Co-creator of DCT for Pelvic Pain

"Courage is not having the strength to go on, it’s going on when you don’t have the strength."

                                                   – Theodore Roosevelt


If you are reading this you are probably full of fear… and most often very broken. Fear that you will never recover from this condition Doctors call chronic pelvic pain syndrome or CPPS. 


I know that fear and broken feeling very well. I suffered from chronic pelvic pain for fourteen years, yes you read that correctly… 14 years.


I tried everything the doctors threw at me and nothing worked. Antibiotics, prostate injections, years of pelvic floor physical therapy and finally pudendal nerve surgery. Not once but three times. With every treatment that did not work came more despair. It felt like my body had turned against me. My body had become a traitor to my own life.


I persevered but I felt like I was merely surviving, not living.


Pelvic pain crushes your identity and impacts you emotionally, mentally and sexually. It is not a problem which constitutes one of the ups and downs of life, chronic pelvic pain is relentless. Your personality eventually begins to split. There  is the real you and then there is the “you in pain”. These two people are completely different.


Pelvic pain has a vicious domino effect on your family. Your whole family will suffer and everyone’s lives shrink. Your loved ones share in your pain and anguish while constantly looking for answers as on how you can recover.


DCT for Pelvic Pain will allow you to lead a pain free life. One that gets you back in the game. When I had pelvic pain, I was often told I needed to manage it. I could never


just accept it and manage it. I needed to get better. As a for- mer pelvic pain patient I have no interest in creating a program that helps you manage pelvic pain. The goal is nothing less than full recovery.


Having exhausted every pelvic pain treatment possible, I was determined to find an answer to this insidious epidemic. The mainstream consensus on pelvic pain is that muscle tension is a cause or component of pelvic pain and the muscle need to relax.


The solution would be simple it seems. You start stretching. You pull and stretch on your muscles and they become longer and relax. If you have had pelvic pain for any length of time you have probably figured out this does not work. The type of stretching found in most pelvic pain books is called  static stretching. This form of stretching does not create tissue change. I persevered with this form of stretching for years and made no progress with pain or symptoms.


At the time I was researching muscle tension I was following a blog by Jules Mitchell, a yoga teacher based in L.A. Her arti- cles challenged my beliefs about how muscles and stretching worked.


In one of her lectures, a treatment approach called Dynamic Contraction Technique was briefly mentioned. The lecture was so fascinating that I arranged a skype call with Jules Mitchell. I remember saying I wonder why these techniques are not used with sports team. Jules then explained that I should speak to physical therapist, Nic Bartolotta, the creator of Dynamic Contraction Technique. Nic was working with several NBA teams and individual players. After speaking to Nic, I made the decision to fly out to Los Angeles and experience my first session


of DCT. I knew immediately after the session that this was an approach that was very different for treating muscle tension.


All of my treatments for pelvic pain focused on relaxing mus- cles to treat muscle tension. DCT was the opposite. Through- out my session of DCT I was being told to attempt to contract muscles. The very opposite of what I was told when receiving pelvic floor physical therapy.


My body felt slightly different after the session. It was not a dramatic change as some people report after DCT,  however I knew this was a unique approach. I had never encountered anything like this in 14 years of pelvic pain.


I made the decision to train in Dynamic Contraction Technique and went on to work with clients suffering from pelvic pain both in person and on Skype. I began applying and experimenting with DCT on my own body as well as on new patients and clients. During that process I identified the most appropriate DCT exercises for pelvic pain.


The results were remarkable however my business was still on a very small scale. It felt strange to see people recover but for the treatment to be barely known. I knew that I had to make DCT more widely known to pelvic pain patients. It is so transformative. It is more than just a treatment, it is a meta- morphosis. As a pelvic pain patient, you will have been let down many times. As a former sufferer I can say with integrity and sincerity that you will not be let down by DCT for Pelvic Pain.


I suggested the idea of a DCT Pelvic Pain Online Program to Nic Bartolotta. Nic was supportive of the idea and we discussed concepts via skype. The resistance stretching conference was coming up in Los Angeles and we decided to film it after the conference. The DCT for Pelvic Pain Program was successfully released just under 3 years ago. It has been an incredible success and we


now have people from every continent following DCT for Pelvic Pain. But Nic and I wouldn’t let a sleeping dog lie, we invested our time and resources into understanding everything about pelvic pain symptoms, causation and recovery… we left no stone unturned.


The result is an absolutely radical departure from mainstream treatments for pelvic pain… we are not relaxing your pelvic muscles, we are making them stronger and more stress resilient  with muscle and fascia exercises that enable the body to remove tension.  


With the exercises in this program you will be both strengthening and stretching muscles at the same time. Furthermore this approach does not focus on the pelvic floor.


We put forward the argument that the pelvic floor is merely reacting to tension in other areas of the body. Treatments which focus solely on the pelvic floor routinely fail.


We will present the fundamental principles of Dynamic Contrac- tion Technique, present the exercises and recovery routines which will allow you to change your body and heal stronger, healthier and more fluid than you were before. If you qualify to become a participant in DCT for Pelvic Pain, you will be able to join the DCT Facebook group where you can ask questions as you go through it.


Myself and Nic Bartolotta are both active in the group and will be with you every step of the way as you recover.


I know what you may be thinking. This is too good to be true, you cannot recover from chronic pelvic pain. I ask you to consider the possibility that FULL RECOVERY is possible.


When I first set up my own website I called it; Freedom from Pelvic Pain and I stand by that name. I believe that with commitment, consistency, and a courageous mindset… full recovery is not only possible… it’s an absolute outcome.


The journey will be a transformative one with ups and downs as you recover. Recovery is never linear and often takes extreme courage. We are asking you to do the hardest, most counter-intuitive thing you’ll ever be asked to do in your life… apply to participate in a program that asks you to perform self-administered therapy that most likely will cause pain in order to get you out of pain. It’s not an easy decision and we don’t take it lightly as you shouldn’t.


If you feel you do not have the warrior mindset or are not ready to commit to Full Recovery, we ask that you not apply at this time. If you are ready to conquer this beast then apply below.



What's in DCT for Pelvic Pain

Imagine that within the near future you will be fully recovered from your chronic pelvic pain symptoms. This is not some pipe dream... this is real life. You can now fully recover from pelvic pain by studying and performing resistance stretching exercises and recovery protocols scientifically developed to get you pain free 30% faster. No kidding!

  • More than 140 Videos

    There is no place on earth that has a more extensive library of videos directly related to your pelvic pain recovery. No place. 

  • Monthly Live Webinar Q & A

    When you become a member of DCT for Pelvic Pain there will be many questions. We have set aside an hour on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 10am to answer any and all questions regarding the DCT for Pelvic Pain program. 

  • Join over 800 Members

    We now have well over 800 members who are on various levels of their pelvic pain recovery.

  • 3 Tension Patterns

    9 Different Workouts

    Depending on your specific  symptoms you will be provided with a detailed daily exercise schedule complete with specific recovery protocols. 

  • Ask Questions and Get Answers Onsite

    We have a very robust support system to help you step by step through your pelvic pain recovery journey. You can ask specific questions on videos in the comments section. You can ask sensitive questions at our Help Desk.  Plus we have an extensive Wiki that probably has your question answered already. 

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Here is What Our Members Say...

I was so surprised when I got relief from just a few sessions. I know it will take a while but it was so encouraging. Nothing else has given me such confidence. 


Pelvic Pain Sufferer for 22 years

I know now that I will never get pelvic pain again. DCT for Pelvic Pain showed me how to treat the muscles and fascia of my whole body in order to fix my Pelvic Pain. Thanks 

Greg Clark

Pelvic Pain Sufferer 4 years

There is definitely a lot of science behind it. The idea that "all exercise is the same" for CPPS sufferers is rubbish. I was a gym rat for years and the tightness from weight training got me into problems

David Hoskins

Worked with David Directly

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