The Outliers:

People suffering for longer than 3 years who have had several or many detrimental procedures or surgeries causing secondary issues in their bodies.

During our research we have encountered a small percentage of people who may fit one of the 5 archetypes listed above, however after adhering to the program for 6 months they experience no change in their symptoms or pain levels.  This is an indication that the DCT program is not the correct tool for recovery at this time and should be discontinued to examine other potential causes of the pelvic floor dysfunction.  We have interviewed these outliers in order to provide the safest and most appropriated direction to per-sue for further information regarding what may be causing the pelvic pain.  This includes specific CT scans for Venous Congestion, testing for Eherl Danlos Syndrome, as well as MRIs of the sacral nerves.  These are rare cases, but it is best to review the information we provide regarding these outliers and if you feel you may fall into this category we suggest not beginning the program until you have begun to alleviate some of your pain or symptoms via these other treatments.


What's in

DCT for Pelvic Pain

DCT for Pelvic Pain is a scientifically designed Resistance Stretching program created by Physical Therapist, Nic Bartolotta.

Imagine that within the near future you will be fully recovered from your chronic pelvic pain symptoms. This is not some pipe dream... this is real life. You can now fully recover from pelvic pain by studying and performing resistance stretching DCT exercises and recovery protocols scientifically developed to get you pain free faster. No kidding!

  • More than 140 DCT Resistance Stretching Videos

    There is no Pelvic Pain  Program on earth that has a more extensive library of videos directly related to your pelvic pain recovery. No place!

  • Exclusive DCT created Muscle & Fascia Antomy Graphics

    DCT is all about giving you the tools to get your life back from Pelvic Area Dysfunction. As you journey through your Full Recovery we have detailed educational material to help you understand you you got your injury and how DCT will help you resolve your issues

  • Understand your  Tension Pattern and how it's creating your Pelvic Pain

    Follow a specific schedule depending on your tension pattern. You will follow a downloadable workout schedule that gives you exactly the exercises that will mitigate your pain. 

  • Brand New 2 Camera Instructional Videos

  • Awesome Support

  • 1500 Plus Members

    We now have well over 1500 members who are on various levels of their pelvic pain recovery. With many who have experienced FULL Recovery.

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