Archetype 1:

Overactive to Sedentary


This is the super athlete, the person that has trained their whole life. Maybe it was an athlete in college or semi-pro, or even professional, and then all of a sudden their sporting life stops, so their daily training stops and they have to start working or they start sitting at a desk job most of the week, and then they still go on the weekends and do the weekend warrior thing and play really hard. This is the person who every time, invariably, can point to the exact moment when they felt something go in their pelvis, and that's the way they describe it.


Archetype 1:

Mechanism of Dysfunction

  • Can Point to When Injury Occurred

    This is usually the former athlete that can point directly to an event or activity that created the symptoms they are feeling that caused pelvic pain. Saying, “I felt something go in my pelvis.”

  • Gets Misdiagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis

    A Urologist misdiagnoses the athlete with Chronic Prostatitis and prescribes them rounds of Antibiotics even though their cultures come back negative, further complicating symptoms with digestive issues and dehydrated fascia.

  • Type-A Personality

    Tends to not understand what’s going on. Has had injuries before and tries to handle this like all the other injuries before. Rest, treat inflammation and is motivated to just beat this. Listens to doctors and may have had surgery.

  • Can Progress to Hard Flaccid/Erectile Dysfunction

    If left without proper treatment the Chronic Pelvic Pain will progress to often to Hard Flaccid or Erectile Dysfunction.

What's in

DCT for Pelvic Pain

DCT for Pelvic Pain is a scientifically designed Resistance Stretching program created by Physical Therapist, Nic Bartolotta.

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    There is no Pelvic Pain  Program on earth that has a more extensive library of videos directly related to your pelvic pain recovery. No place!

  • Exclusive DCT created Muscle & Fascia Antomy Graphics

    DCT is all about giving you the tools to get your life back from Pelvic Area Dysfunction. As you journey through your Full Recovery we have detailed educational material to help you understand you you got your injury and how DCT will help you resolve your issues

  • Understand your  Tension Pattern and how it's creating your Pelvic Pain

    Follow a specific schedule depending on your tension pattern. You will follow a downloadable workout schedule that gives you exactly the exercises that will mitigate your pain. 

  • Brand New 2 Camera Instructional Videos

  • Awesome Support

  • 1500 Plus Members

    We now have well over 1500 members who are on various levels of their pelvic pain recovery. With many who have experienced FULL Recovery.

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