Archetype 2:

Extreme Sedentary

This archetype is the desk jockey sedentary archetype, the couch potato, the gamer, the person who's never really played sports their whole life, sits an inordinate amount of time every day and then starts to get pelvic pain or they get pain with sitting, perineum pain, burning, just classic CPPS symptoms.


Archetype 2:

Mechanism of Dysfunction

  • Responds best to Weak Tension Pattern Program

    This archetype responds best to muscle hypertrophy. They didn’t play sports or lead an active lifestyle that created an environment of weakness in the musculature. Their joints are stable, but their muscles are weak and most probably have significant insufficiencies.

  • Pelvis is Tight and Weak

    This archetype presents almost always with some amount of hypermobility or instability of the sacrum as well as muscles that have either atrophied or never developed leaving their fascia tight and wanting to heal into a sitting position. When the pelvis or hips are activated to do work/stress pain occurs where the tension has built up.

  • Just Need to Strengthen Hips & Glutes

    Will see abatement of symptoms within a few weeks of starting the DCT Program. One of the easiest and fastest resolutions that we see. There’s usually no fascia dysfunction and the pelvic floor hasn’t collapsed and created a chronic spasm.

  • Responds well to using the machines at the gym in conjunction with a tension mitigation program.

    Once a modicum of strength in the prime movers of the hips and legs has been established this archetype should begin general strength training and activities such as walking or swimming to re-establish functional strength in their bodies.

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    DCT is all about giving you the tools to get your life back from Pelvic Area Dysfunction. As you journey through your Full Recovery we have detailed educational material to help you understand you you got your injury and how DCT will help you resolve your issues

  • Understand your  Tension Pattern and how it's creating your Pelvic Pain

    Follow a specific schedule depending on your tension pattern. You will follow a downloadable workout schedule that gives you exactly the exercises that will mitigate your pain. 

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