Archetype 3:

Hypermuscular  with Tension Induced Weakness


Archetype 3:

Mechanism of Dysfunction

  • Joints are stable and strong, however extreme concentric training has led to the use of fascia to produce force as opposed to the muscles exerting strength across the joints due to “tension induced weakness.”

    In this Archetype the person looks strong, heavily muscled and in great so-called shape. The main issue is that their fascia has been gummed up and they aren’t using their muscles to generate force.  Although the person looks strong their muscles don’t work efficiently and wind up becoming weak, and their connective tissue takes on all the stress.  This fascial tension combined with chronic muscle tension compromises the shape/anatomy of the pelvis and scrum sending the pelvic floor muscles into a spasm that cannot be released usually causing traditional pelvic pain in the perineum or rectum especially with prolonged sitting or standing.

  • Tends to be able to resist well and find a good burn relatively quickly in the muscle belly without injuring their joints.

    In this presentation results come more quickly because the tension that has caused weakness in the muscles is quickly released allowing for more effective eccentric muscle release right away.  This archetype must be careful not to overexert themselves into ranges of motion that the joints cannot tolerate, but the severity of their chronic tension usually protects them from this and symptom relief comes fairly quickly compared to other archetypes.

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