Archetype 4:

Penile Injury from Sexual Activity Penis Enlargement

A lot of guys like to say they broke their penis, but it's also people that get into excessive masturbation and into practices of jelqing or trying to lengthen their penis using penis pumps. Basically trying to change the shape. Some of us are born with a curved penis. They want to try and change the shape. So they really yank on the buck's fascia and the other types of fascia that run through the erectile tissue and they cause an injury.


Archetype 4:

Mechanism of Dysfunction

  • Injury from Repetitive Sexual Practices

    This Archetype usually has either aggressively masturbated, used a penis pump for penis enlargement, performed Jelqing exercises to increase length or girth, practiced a technique called Edging for sustained orgasms or injured their penis during an extreme bending during sexual activity.

  • An Inflammatory Response at the Fusion of Dartos Fascia and Scarpa’s Fascia

    Whatever the trigger most often this Archetype has developed an inflammatory response either at the fusion of the Dartos Fascia (the superficial fascia under the skin of the shaft of the penis) and the Scarpa’s fascia (sheath of fascia covering the abdominals) or into the Deep Buck’s Fascia that creates tension. This tension constricts blood flow and neuron response. In most cases nerves are pinched or constricted/trapped and create sensory issues such as numbness, penis tip pain or numbness. In many cases the tension is so severe that the penis will curve to the side of the tension.

  • Pain While Ejaculating

    Due to fascial tension of the Abdominals and Hips your inguinal ligament, the connective tissue that attaches the anterior superior iliac spine (toward the back of the wing-like bones of the pelvis) to the pubic tubercle (at the bottom center of the pelvis, very deep in the groin) begins to create dysfunction in the nerves and blood flow of your penile tissue in some instances generating pain after ejaculation or not allowing the penis to release the blood engorged in the penis. 

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