Archetype 5:

Hypermobile  with Compromised Weak Joints and Muscles.


Archetype 5:

Mechanism of Dysfunction

  • The Joints are unstable to the point of causing pain when too much force is applied during a DCT exercise or traditional strength training.

  • Isn’t Kinesthetically Aware on How to Use their Muscles

    Doesn’t feel a muscle burn when they workout. Has lost the connection between their muscles and the work being applied to that muscle. Is often pushing too hard, too fast and creates more issues that make the pelvis tighter and more painful. It is critical that this archetype self-assist in the concentric movements until the weakest part of the muscle begins to activate before moving on to stronger concentrics and eventually the eccentric muscle release.

  • May Have Pudendal Nerve Entrapment

    Pain or burning in the Perineum or tip of Penis. Most often has pain when sitting or standing for a significant amount of time.

  • May have Urinary and Bladder Issues

    This archetype can experience the “belly Bulge” or bloating in the lower abdominals which can cause urinary frequency, nocturia, or difficulty with relieving the bladder.  The hypermobility present in the hips and pelvis make it extremely difficult to perform isolated fascial release exercises on the specific anatomy trains that run through the pelvic floor into the lower abdomen.  This cannot be corrected until stability has been established in the joints and the muscles have become strong enough to hold the bones in proper alignment to achieve an appropriate fascial release.

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