Men's Pelvic Pain

DCT for Pelvic Pain is a radical departure from mainstream treatments for pelvic pain… we are not relaxing your pelvic floor muscles at all. We are making them stronger, more resilient and actually changing the the shape of your pelvic floor to heal pain and dysfunction. 


Merriam-Webster explains that Archetype derives via Latin from the Greek adjective archetypes. "Archetype" has specific uses in the fields of philosophy and psychology. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato, for example, believed that all things have ideal forms (aka archetypes), of which real things are merely shadows or copies. And in the psychology of C. G. Jung, "archetype" refers to an inherited idea or mode of thought that is present in the individual's unconscious. However, in simple prose, "archetype" is most commonly used to mean "a perfect example of something."


Directly derived from Plato's example, DCT believes that specific lifestyle choices, muscular and fascial tension patterns, behaviors, symptoms, when your symptoms started, and how long you had your symptoms all make up the DCT Pelvic Pain Archetype. Keeping that in mind, please choose below what you believe your Archetype would be.

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