Archetype 3:

Pelvic & Abdominal Pain due to Difficult Child Birth

Archetype where a woman has gone through a difficult child birth where an episiotomy is needed, these are also women who undergo C-section or breach-births - just much more traumatic birthing than a standard birth that goes normally.


Archetype 3:

Mechanism of Dysfunction

  • Very difficult childbirth due to extended labor, Episiotomy (Perineotomy), Breached Births or botched Cesarian Sections.

  • Damage to the internal anatomy of the womb/abdomen and vaginal canal that has created connective tissue disorders.

  • Pelvis joints or musculature in destabilized

  • Usually carries much more fascial tension than the average woman

  • May have been told by her obstetrician  or gynecologist that the pain after childbirth is “Normal”

What's in

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